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New Home Construction

Starting the construction process can be a complex undertaking. With many variable factors and moving parts, we are here to be your single point of contact. Working with an experienced team that handles every part of the job from concept to finished project can take a lot of weight off your shoulders. Let us know how we can help you start your next project.

We are here to turn your ideas into a reality. Our ability to facilitate your vision has allowed us to build strong and lasting relationships with our clients.

Thinking of building a custom home?

Having an expert team at your disposal is one of the best parts of working with a professional contractor. The design-build process includes many moving parts, let us make it simple for you. We are your single point of contact from concept to final walkthrough.

Having to deal with the ever changing variables of a home build is what we pride ourselves in managing. We have honed our process to make your entire project a breeze. Our firm keeps open communication through every stage and always ensures punctuality. Reach out to us and let us know how we can help you get started.

Experience high standards, transparent communication and quality results.

New Home Construction

Is it difficult to acquire permits for a new-build home?2023-05-02T19:28:44-07:00

Most cities in the Lower Mainland have made the permit process straightforward. However, new build permits can take anywhere from 3-5 months. At Embark Homes we commence planning for the project during the permit waiting period. A good general contractor will make sure you avoid unnecessary delays and hold ups during this process. 

How long does the typical single-family detached house take to build?2023-05-02T17:00:25-07:00

Timelines for homes can vary from project to project. This depends on how large and personalized the project is. Contingent on the scope of work and permitting process, you can expect to wait 12 to 16 months before moving into your new home.

Why build a custom home from start to finish? 2023-05-02T16:59:19-07:00

A custom home built to a high standard by a qualified builder not only improves the homeowner’s general quality of life, but also increases overall property value and optimizes on available square footage. Realizing the vision for your dream home is a long term investment in your property and lived experience.


How do I know my builder is reputable and qualified? 2023-05-02T19:27:52-07:00

There are a few factors to consider when searching for a reputable builder: years in business, associations, and reviews are a great place to start. Associations hold different standards; Embark Homes holds both Home Builders Association of Vancouver(Havan), and the Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA) which are the main associations for builders in BC and Canada.

How do I know my builder is licensed? 2023-05-02T19:34:26-07:00

The BC Housing Registry is a great resource to see if the builder you are considering hiring is licensed, Embark Homes is a fully licensed builder ( license 48451).

Do all new home builders provide warranties? 2023-05-02T19:26:46-07:00

No, For a builder to provide a warranty they must be approved by the Home Protection Office(HPO), Once a builder is deemed a licensed residential builder they must find a 3rd-party insurance provider each year. Not all builders are approved during this process as the screening process is rigorous and extensive.

Is my new home covered under warranty?2023-11-12T11:15:46-08:00

Yes at Embark Homes our clients are covered by 2-5-10 by national home warranty. This warranty includes 2 years on labor and materials, 5 years on the building envelope; including water penetration, 10 years on the structure of the home. To learn more about what our warranty covers check out BC Housing or reach out to us and we would be happy to explain.

At a minimum, home warranty insurance coverage includes:

  • 2 years on labour and materials (some limits apply)
  • 5 years on the building envelope, including water penetration
  • 10 years on the structure of the home

The two-year labour and materials coverage covers any defect in labour and
materials for:

  • 12 months on detached homes and on non-common property in strata units
    (including fee simple homes)
  • 15 months on the common property of strata buildings
  • 24 months on all new buildings for defects when related to delivery and
    distribution systems; defects related to the exterior cladding, caulking,
    windows or doors that may lead to detachment or material damage to the new
    home; coverage for violations of the Building Code that constitute a health or
    safety risk or is likely to result in damage to the new home; and defects which
    render the home unfit to live in.

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